Plans For The Tallest Skyscraper In London Unveiled


Popular architect Eric Perry has revealed his plans for the tallest skyscraper in London. It is to be located at the heart of the financial district right between the two well-known buildings, the Gherkin and Cheesegrater. After coming up with several out-of-the-box designs, the architect has come up with a more regular design for the tallest skyscraper. The building is named as 1 Undershaft and it will occupy prime commercial property in one of the thickly covered districts in central London.

The building will occupy 1 square footprint and will hold 73 storeys, shooting majestically into the sky. It will offer office space for some of the top businesses in the metropolitan city. The shaft of the proposed building is slender and white girdles that criss-cross all over to the top. So when looks up at the building from the street, one can view a huge obelisk, which is uniform throughout.

Architect Perry also revealed that the building will be of the same height as the other tall skyscraper, the Shard. It is to be mentioned that the Shard reaches the maximum height allowed. It is to be noted that the architect, in an earlier press conference for the release of his new book mentioned his disdain for tall buildings. He had said that tall skyscrapers are sure to take away the quintessential charm of London. He stated that he firmly believed that the charm of London lay in the stone buildings of an era gone by.

So today when he made the announcement of the new building, he reiterated his loathing for the mass of grey-green buildings dotting the skyline of London. He further explained that their new building will have both the beauty of dust red colour signifying autumn and pure white signifying spring.

With its rather utilitarian design, 1undershaft is similar to the other skyscrapers you would generally find in New York or Chicago. However, the architect has given it his touch, with a rather prissy outer design that reflects in its colour choices.

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