The Hottest New Styles for Your Home

A photo by Scott Webb.

Home interiors constantly change and it is hard to keep up with the latest designs and styles for your home. Unless you have the budget, renovations and interior updates are not that easy to do. Most homeowners who want to at least update their home styles usually purchase bits and pieces, look through design trends to see what will work together with the existing interior and items in their home.

While it may cost you dearly to change the total look of your home interior, you can choose one room in your home to update, for example your bedroom. This is where you spend time to relax, recharge and think. It’s your own personal space, so it is a good place to start. Then you can purchase a few chosen items for the other rooms in your home or just do some changes, like the following:

  • Two-tone kitchen cabinets are in. You can retain the main colour of your kitchen cabinets and repaint the others in complimentary or contrasting colour. You can also strip the paint off some cabinets to show the beauty of the wood underneath.
  • Update your living room with plenty of contrasting colours for your seat cushions and throw pillows. This will change the look, without you spending that much.
  • If you have the space and you are thinking of adding something to your kitchen, think of adding a workhorse island. It will provide you with extra workspace, deep storage cabinets and a new place to seat and eat informally and quickly.
  • Do not forget your bathrooms. If you can afford it, large tiles are in. If you do not have the budget now, invest in some statement mirrors. They can be ornate vintage, modern ones with backlighting or beautiful ones framed in handsome wood finish.
  • You can also change the look of your bedroom and turn it into a perfect personal space. You can change the colour of the wall with paint. You can go Scandinavian, which advocates simplicity, in various shades of white and grey, including the linens for your bed, pillows and area rugs. You do not have to change your bed but you can never go wrong with investing in the best foam mattress.
  • Go gaga with reclaimed wood platform bed. It looks so gorgeous, adding a rustic charm to a modern bedroom. It gives you plenty of additional storage space, places to sit and chance to use simple linens, instead of going for something extravagant.
  • If you are after shabby chic, add a DIY headboard to your existing bed. It can double up as extra storage space for books, magazines and other items you want within easy reach. Partner it with patchwork bed cover and colourful pillow cases.
  • If your bed is in a corner of your bedroom, have an L-shaped padded headboard, which will update the look of your bed. It will give you some cushioned protection so you do not bang your head of the wall. Accessorize your bed with several throw pillows in colour-coordinated or contrasting plain and patterned pillow covers.

You do not have to spend that much even if you want to follow the hottest trends in home décor. Choose a few select pieces, learn to upgrade and coordinate and your home will have a totally different and fresher look.

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