Proper Etiquette for Visiting Art Museums

When visiting museums, you are expected to observe proper etiquette. This is in respect to the museum itself and the other visitors. There are different rules applicable for various museums. It is a must to pay attention to these rules to avoid being in trouble or irritate other visitors.

Don’t run  around

These museums are not playgrounds. Some of them contain century-old artifacts that are irreplaceable. The least that you can do is to move slowly and help protect these artifacts. They are priceless. Even if you can pay the fines off, you will never be able to find the same thing again. Therefore, you need to walk slowly and observe the items carefully. Don’t bring kids especially for more serious museums. Take them with you in a children’s museum where interaction is allowed.

Don’t use a huge backpack

You might want to check your bags again before entering the museum. Avoid over packing. There is a good chance that you knock things around if you use a very big backpack. There were already recorded incidents in which visitors have knocked over certain items unknowingly because of their huge backpack.

Eat snacks before entering the museum

There are a lot of reasons why most museums don’t allow guests to bring food and drinks. To begin with, you might have the chance of staining some of the collections. Certain dishes also contain chemicals that could have negative effects when interacting with art pieces and other artifacts. Besides, it is impolite to smell like burrito standing next to someone who has not given in to the temptation of eating snacks.

Use your whisper voice

It would be nice for you to whisper instead of saying things out loud especially when you are in an art museum. Other visitors would love to observe the pieces quietly. It is their way of absorbing the message of the pieces. The least that you can do is to keep quiet and also observe the works of art in the same manner as they do.

Avoid flash photography

This is a big no. Lights could have negative effects to certain art pieces and other artifacts. Imagine being exposed to lights over and over again. Back then, most museums don’t allow using cameras. Now, they allow cameras provided that flash is turned off. Be careful as you might be thrown off if you violate this rule.

Check the rules on the door

There are a lot of rules applicable to various museums. It helps if you have a good understanding of these rules. Follow the rules by heart. They might be tough, but you will only stay inside the museum for a couple of minutes or hours. You won’t really stay there for a long time, so it won’t be a big problem. If there are no rules posted on the door, you might see them along the way. You may also ask tour guides and other officials inside the museum if you are uncertain of the rules.

Just be nice

People visit museum for different reasons. There are those who want to just relax after a long day at work. Others want to learn. There are also those who just want to appreciate the beauty of the pieces displayed inside the museum. There might be a lot of rules for you to follow, but just avoid complaining. You should just smile and enjoy the process. If you see people violating the rules, look for a museum official and raise the incident.

Use headphones

You can’t be blamed if you want to listen to songs for a better experience when visiting museums. You can use headphones instead to avoid disturbing other people. You may use the best headphones for working out when inside a museum. The goal is to stop having loud sounds that could disturb other people.

Now that you understand these rules, it is time to plan your next trip to a museum. Don’t forget to enjoy every aspect of this visit and learn from it. Take photos whenever appropriate. Tell others about your experience and convince them to visit the museum too. Of course, you must also leave reviews online to inspire others to also head to the museum in the future.

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