Art Exhibition To Explore The History Of The British Isles

Popular children’s book author, Liz Pichon is to hold an art exhibition covering the most important moments in the last 950 years of British History. Liz is the author of the widely popular, Tom Gates series for children. The book explores the life of the kid Tom Gates through doodles on his textbooks. She has won several awards and accolades for her series all over the world.

This exhibition is a collection of her drawings and aims to inspire and enlighten children on the history of the British Islands. The events were chosen by a survey among school going children all over the country. The events will be presented in the form of a Bayeux Tapestry. The events depicted start with the Norman Invasion in the year 1066. The final event in the timeline ends with the invention of the life-changing World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1989.

By roping in Liz Pichon, the committee behind the organisation of this exhibition is hoping to get children interested in their national history. The author says that the artworks will be interactive just like her books. Children selected from a national wide competition will help to complete the last panel in each of these artworks. She also added that her greatest difficulty was trying to maintain a balance between the humour and tragedy in each of these events.

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