How to Make Beautiful Ice Sculptures with a Chainsaw

christmas-15819_640Ice sculptures are totally fascinating. They last only for a few hours, but while they are there, you can’t help but be amazed with its glory. They look stunning especially if they look exactly like the object being mimicked.

Ice sculptures are usually carved from large blocks of ice. They usually weigh around 300 pounds or more, depending on the item being carved. There are different ice molds available and they are usually ready for carving. There are molds that can be used again for future carvings while others can only be used once.

It takes several hours for a sculptor to finish the masterpiece. There are different factors affecting the results. This includes the complexity of the design and the intricacy of the details.

Are chainsaws used?

You might think that chainsaws are generally not used for carving. The first thing that comes into your mind when it comes to chainsaws is that they are for destroying items or cutting them. The truth is that they are also used for carving. Sculptors have to be extremely careful though. Chainsaws are powerful and they can totally break the design if not used properly. There are sculptures that are carved using machines, but they usually cost a lot. For sculptors manually pounding the blocks of ice to see the best results, electric chainsaws are preferred. They are lighter and more powerful. They are perfect for sculpting blocks of ice. It takes a lot of time though to master its use. You have to be extremely cautious so as not to break the ice of stray away from the original design. If you are interested, you might want to check out electric chainsaw reviews and give it a shot.

Accuracy of the sculpture

You might also wonder how come the results are amazing. They usually look like the object being copied. A CNC machine is used so that the results are totally accurate. Of course, this is used by those who have sophisticated skills in ice sculpting. This is why the replicas look exactly as the original piece. Despite the use of the machines, the rest are done by manual labor. Sometimes, the parts are created using different sections to see more accurate results. This also hastens the process. Otherwise, it would take a really long time for it to be done. Of course, ice does not last long so everything has to be done really quickly. If you are interested in trying it out, you just can’t rely on the machine to do the job.

Ice sculptures for different occasions

These ice sculptures are now an asset for different events. This includes weddings, anniversaries, conferences, galas and dinners. They make everything look more fascinating. They spruce up the ordinary look of the event. Ice sculptures will most likely become staple in future big events. You can practice using electric chainsaws and other sculpting materials should you wish to learn the skill and even make money out of it.

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Top 10 Landscape Gardening Tips for 2016


Trends in landscape gardening vary year in, year out. But there are aspects in landscape gardening that remain constant, like mowing (if you don’t have a lawnmower, mower reviews can help you in picking one) and how careful planning can boost the curb appeal and the interest factor of your lawn. The smart use of points of interest, functionality, texture and color is what dictates landscape design trends.

Top 10 tips for landscape gardening for 2016

  1. Space is at premium, but with careful planning you’ll be able to maximize every part of your lawn or garden. Make the area more functional with outdoor seating, a fire pit and a cooking area. Make whatever space you have provide the right ambiance by filling gaps with potted plants.
  2. Grow more plants and vegetables using a vertical garden if you do not have a large space. Position trellises along planters and borders so you can have climbing vegetables and flowering vines. Add shelves to a garden fence or wall to hold plant containers.
  3. Use color structures to increase your garden’s interest level and make your entire area more attractive. This means painting your walls, fences and even your house exterior. Black is huge in Europe, while in the U.S. dark green, dark charcoal gray and navy blue provide a great foil for every color in the garden.
  4. Subtle color ranges are in. While a profusion of colors makes a garden very attractive and lively, designers now appreciate a more subtle effect, such as a one-color garden. Details are important, like the texture of a stone wall, the delicate and intricate branching of bare shrubs and plants or an interestingly-patterned edging.
  5. Consider container-gardening techniques and create a small-scale landscape with each. You might also consider the merits of indoor gardening and moving some of your plants on to your patio. Learn companion planting and find flowering plants and vegetables that can be grown together such as petunias and peppers; pot marigold and asparagus; beans and nasturtium and rosemary; or onions and chamomile. Plant them in containers and treat the vegetables as foliage.
  6. Whether you are planning a classic traditional, modern farmhouse or contemporary landscape design, make heavy use of native species of traditional ornamental plants.
  7. Create an outdoor experience to extend the season. You can do this with outdoor entertaining options such as a fire pit, a fireplace or outdoor furniture from natural materials.
  8. If your area allows it, your container for rain water collection can be used as a water feature in your garden.
  9. Use lighting schemes with LED lights. Choosing those with warmer colors and controllers, you can vary the brightness and dimness of your lights. Use different schemes to change the ambiance and put emphasis on parts of your garden or your plants. Softer tones will highlight various plant materials, while some trees will have deeper tones when lit with green or blue colored lights.
  10. Construct a berm to bring life into a corner of the garden, which is often forgotten during landscaping. It will add color and texture to a flat garden and add pizazz to monotonous corners.

Attractive landscaping need not be expensive. Carefully choosing what to put into your garden will increase its appeal and value.

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The Ambitious Garden Bridge Across River Thames

The River Thames, that winds its course along London, has always been a place to inspire romanticism. Several architects have come up with their own unique and innovative design ideas for bridges across the river. The latest in the series is a garden bridge along the river. This garden bridge is an ambitious project that aims to provide a haven of relaxation and serenity among the urban chaos. The garden bridge is sure to offer something for everyone from people who are looking for a place to relax, or runners who can run amidst greenery right in the heart of the city.

The bridge is planned to be constructed by 2018. It spans across the river from the South Bank to Temple. It contains two copper structures that hold up the bridge. The designer behind the project is Thomas Heatherwick who is very excited about the attention and the funds the bridge has garnered. The bridge is a mix of both gothic and futuristic elements all at once. It promises a piece of tranquillity to each and every Londoner amidst all the concrete chaos that seems to dominate the city’s skyline of late.

Once constructed the bridge is expected to attract millions of visitors in a year. It is based on the principle of guerrilla gardening to give a more realistic view of nature.

Free Standing Sky Pool Bridge Between Apartment Blocks

sky pool

Ballymore, the popular Irish developer has unveiled his plans to develop a sky pool that spans between two apartment complexes. This project is solely aimed at the foreign investor who plans to expand his portfolio. The project aims to build a totally glass-encased pool bridge at a height of 10 storeys. This pool bridge is planned to be constructed between two apartment blocks in Nine Elms.

The project is the brainchild of the developer of Sean Mulryan, who has always attracted media attention with his outlandish design ideas in his projects. He said that the design for the pool was a result of his passion for exploring the bounds of construction and engineering. The proposed pool is a free-standing structure made entirely of glass. The residents will be able to look at the street life below them as they indulge in their daily morning dip. The view of the American Embassy’s new building from the pool is advertised as a big factor for the sale of the apartment complexes.

These ultra-rich developments are located in one of London’s most posh and secure residential zones just next to the American Embassy. It is specifically constructed for the rich oligarchs who will rarely spend time at their apartment. Several critics have questioned the design choice, saying it would become the world’s highest slimy green pond, high in the sky. Also, there have been concerns regarding terrorist attacks and the sky pool one more attraction for terrorists to target.

While there is strife among buying agents for the rich, if these complexes would see any takers, the property developers are all out promoting these buildings as the ultimate symbol of opulence. With extra features like indoor heated pools, parks, courts, home theatres, these buildings are a sign of ultimate luxury and indulgence.