3D Portraits Of Visitors To Be Presented At The RA

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The Royal Academy of Arts at London is all set to offer a unique experience to visitors in September. For the first time, ever visitors to the art gallery in London can see themselves just as they are. They have unveiled plans to provide visitors with a 3D sculpture of themselves. This cutting-edge technology is made possible with the help of powerful Chorographic scanner from Veronica. This extremely powerful scanner helps to analyze each and every detail on a person and replicate it as a 3D sculpture within minutes. Right from the tiny pimples and pores on your skin, to your attractive dimples everything will be replicated in the sculpture.

The scanner was initially developed by the Factum Foundation for uses in the medical field. Now it has been installed in the Royal Academy of Arts. Adam Lowe, founding director of the foundation who spoke at a press conference in the gallery said that for the first time people can get to know how they really look. He said that several people hated photographs as the two-dimensional images do not actually represent a person. However, these sculptures work to portray a person as they are without any subjectivity. He said that unlike sculptures that are subjective to the eye of the artist, the 3D sculptures are objective and present people as they are without missing out even the tiniest detail. He further stated these sculptures as portraits untouched by the hands of man.

The scanner was initially developed to aid cosmetic surgeons in anti-ageing treatments to capture both before and after images with great accuracy. Visitors to the RA will also be able to watch other being photographed and turned into sculptures. Eight cameras have been installed to capture high-resolution photographs of the subject and the entire recording is completed within an astounding four seconds. Visitors can get their 3D portraits as a recording which can later be transformed into busts with 3D printers.

3 Design Trends Of The Future That Are Right Here

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How do you look at the buildings of the future? Are your visions of the future covered with strange looking buildings that fit right in the pages of a science fiction book? Architects all over the world have been incorporating the needs of the future generation into their designs. The future is far nearer than you think. Now let us look into some of the designs that are sure to occupy the prime planning for the next decade or so.

  1. Hypnotic Bridges are the Future
    Suspension bridges and overpasses may become a thing of the past. With architectural marvels like the Hypnotic bridges, people are presented with a new way to construct bridges. This bridge is under construction over the Dragon King River harbour in the spectacular landscape of the Changsa district in China.
  2. Rotating Buildings
    This is a project that is not sure whether it will ever be realised. Imagine a tall building with entire floors rotating slowly, so that they complete 360-degree rotation in a span of ninety minutes. It is sure to put an end to the rush for claiming properties with views as you are granted four side views within the course of a few hours. This futuristic design was proposed by David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture.
  3. Indoor Parks
    With modern architecture, gone are the days when you have to wait for the right weather conditions, to enjoy a leisurely stroll in your neighbourhood park. Moscow has plans to build a huge indoor park that offers patrons 24 x 7, park weather and enjoyment in temperature controlled indoor environment. Zaryadye Park, the first public park proposed to open in Moscow after 50 years, will bring nature indoors. It will offer a hybrid landscape where man-made and natural surroundings gel together to give a unique experience unlike any other.