Free Standing Sky Pool Bridge Between Apartment Blocks

sky pool

Ballymore, the popular Irish developer has unveiled his plans to develop a sky pool that spans between two apartment complexes. This project is solely aimed at the foreign investor who plans to expand his portfolio. The project aims to build a totally glass-encased pool bridge at a height of 10 storeys. This pool bridge is planned to be constructed between two apartment blocks in Nine Elms.

The project is the brainchild of the developer of Sean Mulryan, who has always attracted media attention with his outlandish design ideas in his projects. He said that the design for the pool was a result of his passion for exploring the bounds of construction and engineering. The proposed pool is a free-standing structure made entirely of glass. The residents will be able to look at the street life below them as they indulge in their daily morning dip. The view of the American Embassy’s new building from the pool is advertised as a big factor for the sale of the apartment complexes.

These ultra-rich developments are located in one of London’s most posh and secure residential zones just next to the American Embassy. It is specifically constructed for the rich oligarchs who will rarely spend time at their apartment. Several critics have questioned the design choice, saying it would become the world’s highest slimy green pond, high in the sky. Also, there have been concerns regarding terrorist attacks and the sky pool one more attraction for terrorists to target.

While there is strife among buying agents for the rich, if these complexes would see any takers, the property developers are all out promoting these buildings as the ultimate symbol of opulence. With extra features like indoor heated pools, parks, courts, home theatres, these buildings are a sign of ultimate luxury and indulgence.

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